The Aston Township newsletter periodically reports the amount of recyclable materials collected. My reaction is usually, "Great. But I bet we  could  get more than this if just the people on my block would each really do a little bit more in the way of recycling!"

I am proud to say that even the hosting provider of this site has found a way to "Go Green" in the services they provide. Is the earth going to fall apart if we don't do "green?" I do not know and will let others debate the pro's and con's of all the Technical aspects of a greener world, but you can bet doing recycling in Aston Township will help keep taxes a bit lower.

Don't say No. Be in the know. Just do it! 

Grant Buys Recycling Truck

AstonTownship has received a Curbside Recycling Grant from the Department of Environmental Protection through a Recycling Development and Implementation grant application that was submitted in 2008. The grant was used to purchase a new $144,000 recycling truck.

The public works department has already taken delivery of the 2010 Peterbilt. A five-year/100,000-mile warranty on the truck's transmission and engine cost an additional $3,175. The new vehicle will be used for single stream recycling collections.

Aston Township is a first class place to live.

 Let's make it #1 in recycling. 


"Of Course!" you would probably reply,"I put my recyclables at the curb on collection day, and if I have items to recycle in between collection, I take them to the rear of the township building."

Well, think about this article the next time you are  about to dispose of  a  potentially historic document and any other items that could be of historic significance. We aren’t talking about your heirlooms here,we are talking about items which may be of importance because of historic value more than of monetary value.

Having lived in Aston for many years, I accumulated a number of the Aston Lions Township directories which the Lions publish every two years. About two months ago I got on a house cleaning kick and  I disposed of many editions in the paper bin. I recently learned that The Aston Historic Society was looking to obtain a set. I felt really bad that the directories couldn't have found a good home with the Society. I guess I can take some small comfort in the fact that I at least recycled them in the paper bin.

Recycling Reduces Trash Fees  

** Please do not put recyclables in the same can with trash. ***

Additional blue cans are available for $15 at the township office, or residents can write RECYCLING on a trash can used exclusively for that purpose. Recyclable items include cardboard, magazines, newspapers, junk mail, aluminum and tin cans, glass bottles and jars, and #1 and #2 plastic bottles.

 Littering is not recycling!

 Please constantly remember to recycle. It's easy, and as a Aston Resident it saves all of us money in the long run, not to mention what it does for the enviroment!

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