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 We are very glad to provide information on this website for the benefit of the residents of the Aston Township community. The website is designed to offer a place to publicize charitable and other important events. This is not a place for your social, religious, or political views. There are plenty of other websites that will cater to those opinions.

Therefore, we make no provisions for directly posting to this site. If you have a item of interest, we will gladly consider it for publication.

We hope the information provided here will be useful to all Aston

 township residents without any undue influence from anyone.

You can email your request to post your event on this website to


Please stop by and visit us often as we update this site frequently.


As a result of the tragedies associated with the recent Hurricanes and severe flooding many, many people have been contributing to funds set up to help the victim and workers affected by the disasters.All who have done so should be commended and hopefully their donations will go far to alleviate the losses and suffering as a result of what happened to our nation as a result of the recent hurricanes and other disasters.

Please bear in mind the on going needs and the financial support your local charitable agencies have and need. There are numerous worthwhile charitable organizations in the Aston area. Not only do they need your financial support, but if you can not always give financial aid, there are many other ways you can help, such as giving goods you no longerneed, or even giving of your time.

 "Pay it Forward".


Aston Township Website   

ton Township Board of Commissioners is proud to present the new Aston Township website. The new website features modern design and technology to provide residents with dynamic, up-to-date news, events, meetings, administrative information, holiday schedules, and trash and recycling schedules for the township. While the new website is live, there are still many new features that you will see appear on the site over the next few months, so check back often. We have also added a newsletter subscription where you can join the mailing list and receive important township news right in your inbox. Another big change is the acquisition of a new website domain name.

Check out the new Aston Township website by clicking here: www.astontownship.net

 The township commissioned Aston-based Corvus Group, a full-service technology company specializing in website design, hosting, and computer repair to design and host the new website.

 Please email your announcement to the Webmaster@astontownship.info

Please send articles at least two weeks in advance.

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